Justice « prédictive » et droits fondamentaux

This content is not available in the selected language. Dans le cadre de son cycle de conférences 2019-2020 « Démocratie, algorithme et information » qui vous propose de porter un regard critique et multi-disciplinaire sur les enjeux d’une société algorithmique dans laquelle se mêlent une confusion informationnelle et un recours grandissant aux outils algorithmiques pour effectuer diverses tâches, la Chaire […] Read more


Part III - JTC Resource Bulletin, “ODR for Courts”. ODR: a simplification of dispute resolution, source of new issues for the courts

My trilogy is coming to an end. Indeed, this is the last part of my detailed analysis of the Resource Bulletin “ODR for Courts”, published by the JTC (Joint Technology Committee) on December 12, 2016 (and updated on November 29, 2017). After having clarified why ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) appears to be a real opportunity, […] Read more


Nicolas Vermeys and Jean-François Roberge were in London for the Insolvency Policy colloquium

Nicolas Vermeys, the Cyberjustice Laboratory's Assistant Director, was in London with Jean-François Roberge as part of the "Insolvency Policy colloquium on the Insolvency Regime of England & Wales" organised last week by the Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Global Practice division of the World Bank for the exceptional presentation "ADR and ODR fundamentals. Challenges and opportunities in […] Read more