Subproject 4 - Smart Contracts and Regulation Technologies

Start – 2018 | End – 2024 Duration – 6 years

The development of technologies for contracts involving the substitution of the third party by computer technology is making significant progress, requiring changes to be made in state legislation. The future of contractual obligations involves an analysis by the legal community in order to facilitate their legal implementation.

Subproject chief 

David Restrepo Amariles

Research activities

Case studies

The first case study focuses on Debt collection. It will analyse existing traditional and technology mechanisms for debt collection in three jurisdictions (France, Belgium and Québec) and aims to design a smart contract, using the blockchain technology,  in order to make the procedure more efficient and effective.

The second case study is currently under discussion within the working group.


The working group will compile an inventory of  cases in which the use  of the  blockchain  has failed as a mean to implement legal solutions.

The second inventory will sed light on the diverse categories of smart contracts from a legal perspective.

Publications of our researchers 

Conferences of our researchers 

Web-conference : Exploring Compliance Technologies for Privacy

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