Subproject 13 - Ethical and Socio-Political Issues of AI and Autonomization

Start – 2019 | End – 2024 Duration – 5 years

The use of algorithms for justice implies the collection of data that enhances the potential of these technologies without it being possible to predict with certainty the type of advancement that will be available tomorrow. Ethics is fundamental to this mechanism, insofar as the progress of these technologies must be carried out with respect for fundamental human rights, which requires the incorporation of benchmarks to ensure that these technologies are transparent and comply with the criteria of a democratic society.

Subproject chief 
Jacquelyn Burkell

Research activities

Case studies

Working Group 13 will carry out two case studies of ethical issues raised by AI technologies in the justice system, drawing on the typology of AI applications (see Subproject 10) and the scoping review of issues from this subproject.


The first inventory of the subproject will scope the ethical issues that come from the implementation of AI technologies in the justice system.

As a second inventory, the research activities will result in the creation of an annotated bibliography of literature on ethical issues related to AI technologies in the justice system.

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