Artificial Intelligence and Access to Justice: Perspectives from the legal and technical domain



Nye Thomas | Nye Thomas is the Executive Director of the Law Commission of Ontario. Nye has more than 20 years’ experience leading sophisticated, multidisciplinary projects in Ontario’s justice sector.

Daniel “Dazza” Greenwood | Dazza is a Lecturer and Researcher at the MIT Media Lab, focusing on public policy, information technology and innovation focusing on big data, identity federation, personal data sharing and trust frameworks.


AI and Law workshop series 

Some courts in Canada and the world face issues dealing with everyday legal disputes. As individuals enter the often complex, time-consuming and expensive court system, frequently without the support of a legal professional, their ability to obtain a fair and quick resolution to their disputes can be diminished.

In this workshop series, we will explore the use of computer systems and artificial intelligence to increase access to justice. For this purpose, we have invited two pioneers, one in the field of access to justice and one in the field of computational law and artificial intelligence. They will present their work, discuss the overlaps between the two fields and respond to questions from the audience.



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