Subproject 14 - Harvesting Justice System Data-Privacy and Open Data

Start – 2019 | End – 2024 Duration – 5 years

Data collected in the judicial field are sensitive and often need to be anonymized. Access to this data must be subject to regulatory mechanisms that clarify what must be deleted, what can be used and exchanged, under what conditions and for what purposes.

Subproject chief
Pierre-Luc Déziel

Research activities

Case studies

A first case study to test what type of data can be extracted from the electronic records and if AI tools can be used to generate new information about individuals from this data will be carried out.

A second case study will focus on identifying core privacy concerns and issues associated with AI tools and to elaborate solutions to alleviate these concerns.  


The subproject will aim to do two inventories of studies, guidelines and best practices. The first will concern the technical and legal norms guiding online publication of court records.

The second will focus on privacy risks associated with AI tools in the context of conflict resolution and prevention, especially as they are relative to conversational agents.  

Governance Framework

A Best Practices Guide and Governance Framework for the publication of online court records will be produced.

The subproject will also make recommendations on privacy risk management for the use of AI tools in the context of ODRs.

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