Research Infrastructure

Cyberjustice Laboratory

The Laboratory is a space for the study and development of ICTs that can improve dispute resolution processes, whether judicial or extrajudicial; it is a hub for thought and creativity, where justice processes are modeled and re-imagined.

Laboratory Research Objectives

The Laboratory research team seeks to gain a better understanding of the sociolegal obstacles to the networking of judicial stakeholders. Geared with this information, it attempts to identify very concrete remedies through the development of a new generation of software applications that are adapted to the needs of these judicial stakeholders.

The ultimate purpose of its work is to optimize the traditional legal process so as to improve its efficiency, reduce costs and delays, and simplify mechanisms.

Research Infrastructure

The Laboratory relies on an international multidisciplinary team of 45 researchers and a unique research facility that includes a cutting-edge courtroom and an IT centre. Benefiting mostly from public funding, this research infrastructure anchors itself to two of the largest research institutions in Quebec: Université de Montréal and McGill University.

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