Upcoming Conference: "The Use of Large Language Models and AI in Law Practice" by Dr. Katie Szilagyi and Prof. Amy Salyzyn (April 18, 2024)

The Cyberjustice Laboratory is pleased to invite you to the online conference. "The Use of Large Language Models and AI in Law Practice" by Dr. Katie Szilagyi et Prof. Amy Salyzyn.

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Quand : 18 avril 2024 (12:30)   : Sur Zoom

Speakers Biographies


Prof. amy salyzyn

Amy Salyzyn is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa. Professor Salyzyn has written extensively in the area of legal ethics, lawyer regulation, technology in legal service delivery and access to justice. Prior to entering academia, Professor Salyzyn received her J.S.D. and LL.M. from Yale Law School and her J.D. from the University of Toronto Law School, where she was awarded the Dean’s Key upon graduation. Before coming to the University of Ottawa, Professor Salyzyn also served as a judicial law clerk at the Court of Appeal for Ontario and practiced at a Toronto litigation boutique.

Dr. Katie Szilagyi

Katie Szilagyi is an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Law. Katie studies the intersection of technology law and legal theory with artificial intelligence. She focuses on transdisciplinary research, combining her educational backgrounds in engineering and law with her experience in legal practice. Dr. Szilagyi holds a BSc in Engineering, as well as JD, LLM, and PhD degrees in law. Recent research projects include smart agriculture; social robotics; science fiction and the law; ethical frameworks for automated mobility; and conceptualizing the impacts of generative AI on the law.


This workshop is the third in a 5-part ACT Project series entitled “AI, Large Language Models and Justice: Considerations for Legal Practitioners, Judges, Law Schools, and Public Legal Educators”.  This second session will explore the use of AI and LLMs in legal practice.  In it, Professor Amy Salyzyn Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law (Common Law Section) and Dr. Katie Szilagyi, Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law.  Both speakers are regularly engaged in legal professional training and education sessions and are well recognized for their expertise relating to the uses of AI and LLMs by legal practitioners, and the promise and perils of these technologies in relation to professional ethics, access to justice, and the integrity and rule of law.


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