Subproject 1 - Pre-Conflict Decision Tools: Orienting Litigants and Defendants

Start - 2018 | End - 2024 Duration - 6 years

The aim of this Subproject is to develop tools to assist in pre-conflict decision-making. This includes any step to settle disputes prior to its judicialization. It also includes instruments freely accessible to all citizens to enable them to be aware of their rights.

Subproject chief 
Valentin Callipel

Research activities

Case studies

Prevention of financial disputes. This case study focuses on condominium and small claims. It explores Artificial Intelligence (AI) based approaches in order to to provide recommendations (e.g., based on decision trees) and facilitates comparative analyses to current baselines.

AI-based legal education on dispute prevention. This case study investigates data related to youth-specific disputes, such as first job and first rent, and the type of educational materials that can be developed to assist high-school students facing these issues.



A literature survey on dispute prevention will be conducted, with a focus on condominium and small claims, in order to support the first case study ("Prevention of financial dispute ").


The working group will also develop a Survey of dispute prevention tools, with a focus on cloud-based applications accessible with Web interfaces, and on the use of AI algorithms such as decision trees.

Finally, the working group's activities will result in the creation of an Inventory of financial guidance guidelines.

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