Upcoming conference: "Montreal 2024, Generative AI and Justice" (October 1, 2024)

The Cyberjustice Laboratory is pleased to invite you to the conference Montreal 2024, Generative AI and Justice, held on October 1, 2024, at the Laboratory.


This conference is a unique opportunity for legal and justice players to better understand and position themselves on the emerging uses in several sectors of the use of generative AI, a technology that arouses both enthusiasm and concern. Come and meet leading international players and experts who have deployed the first generative AI solutions in various sectors (Healthcare, Law, Consulting and Administration), discover best practices linked to its integration to envisage the future of this new technology for law and justice.


Keynote Presentation

A keynote that will give a thorough understanding of the cross-disciplinary impact of Generative AI, focusing on what transformative impact Generative AI has had on industries over the past year, what important technologies and applications can be cited as milestones, and where generative AI and its applications are headed in the coming year.


Speaker's Biography

Pamela samuelson

Pamela Samuelson is the Richard M. Sherman ’74 Distinguished Professor of Law and Information at the University of California at Berkeley and a Director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology.




Panel 1 - The Dual Paths: Public and Private Sectors in the AI Landscape


The first panel The Dual Paths: Public and Private Sectors in the AI Landscape, moderated by Prof. Nicolas Vermeys, assistant director of the Cyberjustice Laboratory, will focus on the evolving role of public and private platforms mobilizing generative AI. It will bring together eminent experts in the field, including Mr. Brad Brown, Chief, of Administrative Law Operations & Technology Futures, Public Sector at MITRE, Ms. Olga V. Mack, Fellow at CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, and editor-in-chief of Generative AI at the MIT Computational Law Report and Mr. Mike Kujawski, president of CEPSM.ca.


Panellists' Biographies

Brad brown

Brad presently serves as Chief, Administrative Law Operations & Technology Futures at the MITRE Corporation, a leading systems engineering firmin McLean, VA. He joined MITRE initially as Principal Strategist and later became a Portfolio Director.



OLga v. mack

Olga V. Mack is a pioneering leader in law, technology, and innovation, a Fellow at CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, a lecturer at Berkeley Law, and Generative AI Editor at law.MITComputational Law Report.



Mike kujawski

President of CEPSM.ca |Public Sector and Non-profit Management Consultant, Trainer & Speaker specializing in Strategic Marketing / Comms, Behaviour Change, Digital Engagement, and Digital Culture..




Panel 2 - Real-World AI: Success Stories and Leasons Learned


The second panel, Real-World AI: Success Stories and Lessons Learned, moderated by Mr. Valentin Callipel, head of mission at the Cyberjustice Laboratory, is a series of presentations from different companies that have used generative AI in their operations. Mr. Maxime Simard, Senior Client Director – Legal Tech at Thomson Reuters, Ms. Erin Walker, Director of Strategy and Activation at Clio, and Ms. Elise Tropiano, Senior Director of the Product Team at Relativity, will present their case studies and successes in implementing generative AI within their respective organizations.


Panellists' Biographies


Erin Walker is the Director of Strategy and Enablement at Clio, and has been working in digital communications since Netscape Navigator was a viable web browser. She has extensive experience operationalizing technology to achieve business goals, and she's "practically obsessed" with AI, speaking to thousands of lawyers worldwide about AI in legal. She is passionate about using technology to solve problems and make the world a better place.


elise tropianio

As a Senior Director on the Product team at Relativity, Elise manages the strategy roadmap for Relativity's AI-powered review products: Review Center, Search, and most recent to market, aiR for Review. She has been at Relativity for close to 9 years, always focused on core AI products.



Maxime simard

Max is a Client Director specializing in Legal Technology at Thomson Reuters, where he has held various roles over the past 11 years. With extensive experience in assisting clients with legal change management, Max now advises on Generative AI productivity and drafting SaaS solutions. Max has a legal background, having completed his master's thesis at Université de Montréal.


Panel 3 - Building the Future: Crafting Generative AI Solutions


The third panel, Building the Future: Crafting Generative AI Solutions moderated by Mr. Jinzhe Tan, research assistant at the Cyberjustice Laboratory, brings together experts with practical experience in using generative AI in their organizations. They will discuss the challenges related to integrating this technology and the solutions they are adopting and will adopt to promote the effective and ethical development of generative AI within their respective structures. Ms. Karen Hulan, advisor at the Law Society of Ontario, and Ms. Maria Khalusova, developer technical support specialist at Unstructured.io, will share their most relevant experiences.


Panellists' Biographies

Karen hulan

Karen is an elected Lawyer Bencher with the Law Society of Ontario and an Adjudicator with the Law Society Tribunal. She is Co-Chair of the Law Society’s Futures Committee and Member of its Professional Development and Competence Committee and Lawyers Professional Indemnity Review Task Force. Karen is Past President of the Middlesex Law Association and a member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.

Maria khalusova

Maria Khalusova, a Staff Developer Advocate at Unstructured.io, currently works on addressing the challenges of preprocessing complex unstructured data for GenAI applications, such as Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Previously, she contributed to the field through her work on open-source projects at Hugging Face, and educational efforts to make building GenAI applications broadly accessible to all.


Arunim samat

Arunim Samat is the Co-Founder and CEO of TrueLaw (a legal AI industrial research lab backed by 8VC & Afore) and a former AI Lead at Google. With extensive experience in building and deploying domain-specific large language models (LLMs) at scale, Arunim holds several patents in AI and NLP. His prior work has primarily focused on leveraging LLMs for rare event threat detection, forensic investigations, and compliance use cases.




Panel 4 - Designing with Empathy: Generative AI and User-Centric Solutions


The fourth panel, Designing with Empathy: Generative AI for User-Centric Solutions, will focus on designing generative AI tools centred on empathetic solutions, emphasizing the user and their needs. Professionals in the field will explain how their generative AI tool considers the impact on the user, avoiding instrumentalization, and addressing concrete problems by adopting the user's perspective. The panel will include renowned researchers in this field, such as Prof. A.T. Kingsmith from Humber College and Prof. Hoda Heidari from Carnegie Mellon School of Ivan Alfaro, Senior Director of AI Products at Relativity, will also share Relativity's experience in designing a generative AI tool that analyzes user sentiment.


Panellists' Biographies

Prof. A.t Kingsmith  

A.T. (Adam) Kingsmith is a writer, technologist, and mental health researcher. His work focuses on the political economy of anxiety and the development of emotion-AI systems to improve social and economic outcomes. He completed his PhD at York University and currently teaches in Faculty of Arts and Science at OCADU. He is also co-founder of EiQ Technologies Inc., an emotion-AI startup formerly based at Toronto Metropolitan University’s Creative Innovation Studio.


prof. Hoda Heidari

Hoda Heidari is the K&L Gates Career Development Assistant Professor in Ethics and Computational Technologies at Carnegie Mellon University, with joint appointments in Machine Learning and Societal Computing. She is affiliated with the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy. Her research is broadly concerned with the social, ethical, and economic implications of Artificial Intelligence, particularly issues of fairness and accountability through the use of Machine Learning in socially consequential domains.


ivan alfaro

Ivan Alfaro is a Senior AI Product Manager at Relativity, where he has worked for seven years. He manages a portfolio of AI products, including sentiment analysis, and has co-authored white papers on Relativity’s approach to developing responsible AI solutions for e-Discovery and Investigation. Ivan holds an MSc and PhD in Management of Information Systems.




Practical Informations

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