ACT 2022 International Conference Videos


Each week, videos from the AJC 2022 International Partnership Conference will be posted on this page.

The conference, entitled this year EMPOWERING LITIGANTS WHILE DISEMPOWERING ABUSE. Conflicting Values in the Development of Legal AI, was held entirely in person on October 4, 5 and 6.

Enjoy the viewing!

The Cyberjustice Laboratory Team - JusticeBot Platform

The first video is the introductory keynote by the Cyberjustice Lab team who presented the potentialities of the JusticeBot platform.

With the participation of Hannes Westermann, Jinzhe Tan, Sébastien Meeùs, Aurore Troussel, Jie Zhu and an introduction by Pr. Karim Benyekhlef, director of the Cyberjustice Laboratory.


Link to the video here  

Daniela Piana (Università di Bologna)

The second video is the keynote speaker Daniela Piana (Università di Bologna) with an introduction by the director of the Cyberjustice Laboratory Karim Benyekhlef and by Pr. Jane Bailey (University of Ottawa).


Link to the video here  

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