Cybersecurity and Justice

With the pandemic, cybersecurity has become everyone's business, from the family home to the highest levels of government and businesses of all sizes and types. The very significant increase in remote connections and decentralized work environments means that the security of information systems must be strengthened. Indeed, since the beginning of the pandemic, acts of cyber-attacks have multiplied, exploiting the slightest flaws resulting in particular from the use of these remote connections, whose security is necessarily weakened by the difficulty of anticipating the current situation.

This last theme dedicated to cybersecurity is part of a study of the practical issues related to the security of information systems, but also of the effectiveness of the law in responding to these issues, from the rules for setting up secure information systems to the repression of cyber-attacks. Through concrete examples, such as the issue of telework, the various activities proposed are intended to provide an in-depth overview of solutions and avenues of research that respond to the new challenges posed in these times of crisis.

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Web-conference, 2 December 2020 : Individual Cyber Security: Empowering Employees to Resist Spear Phishing to Prevent Identity Theft and Ransomware Attacks

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Web-talk, June 25, 2020 : Enjeux de la cybersécurité reliés à une pandémie

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Web-conference, 26 June, 2020 : Cybersécurité : comment se protéger, son entreprise et ses clients en respectant les bonnes pratiques et exigences légales

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To download the presentation | Cybersécurité : meilleures pratiques et obligations

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Vlog : Adopter des pratiques sécuritaires d'utilisation des outils de vidéoconférence

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Vlog : Adopter un environnement sécuritaire en télétravail de crise

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