A2J and marginalized people

The current health crisis brings to the forefront the difficulties related to accessing justice, in particular the situation of marginalized communities, such as indigenous communities, foreign residents or the elderly. Taking into account the current flow of information that the public needs to know as well as the issues that come with social distancing, marginalized people seem to be nearly out of reach. To mitigate these effects of the pandemic, judicial actors have notably recurred to technology. This approach, which has proven to be very effective in several fields of the legal domain, is also showing results in terms of accessibility.

For this second part of our scientific program for the summer of 2020, we will be focusing on the various initiatives that have been established to inform the public about their rights during a pandemic. We will explore some of the services and platforms that have been developed - such as the COVAID application or the Porte 33 project in videoconference - to adjust to the current situation. We will discuss the achievements as well as the new challenges that lie ahead, in an effort to transmit these experiences, to engage in thought-provoking exchanges and to inspire innovative projects seeking to achieve a more accessible legal system.

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Web-conference, October 27, 2020 : The Justice Crisis: The Cost and Value of Accessing Law

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Web-conference, October 22, 2020 : Placer le citoyen au « coeur du sytème de justice » : analyse d'un discours contemporain

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Web-talk,14 may 2020 : Learning from experience | How to inform public of their rights in times of crisis

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Web-talk,15 may 2020 : Retour d'expérience - Comment informer le public sur ses droits en période de pandémie ?

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Podcast  : Retour d'expérience - Les cliniques portes 33 de Justice Pro Bono

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Vlog : Accès à la justice en temps de pandémie

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