Special Feature - AI Epistemology

Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips. Already well integrated into our daily lives, it fascinates by its aura of mystery. Indeed, at the heart of several debates over the last few years, artificial intelligence seems to have appeared all of a sudden, without it being entirely possible to grasp its origin, to measure its many impacts or the role it tends to play in years to come. Moreover, the very concept of artificial intelligence is difficult to define. Thus, even before we can reflect on the various societal issues raised by artificial intelligence, it is interesting to study where this almost mythical dream of simulating biological intelligence on machines comes from.

This is why the present theme will be dedicated to the epistemology of artificial intelligence. The objective of this theme will be to study the origins and the formation of ideas in artificial intelligence in order to critically examine the different methodological approaches of AI, to underline their oppositions and to question the influence of this technology on human behavior. Through web-conferences, video clips, blog posts and a working paper on the issue, this theme is an opportunity to examine the state of research on artificial intelligence in order to guide our reflection on the future of this discipline.

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Les impacts sociétaux de l'IA

Released November 25, 2020

AI Algorithmic Techniques Blog Series

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