Justice, Society and Governance

Through various web-talks and podcasts offered, this theme allows us to reflect on the impact of the current pandemic on the administration of justice and the need to dematerialize various judicial proceedings. This new reality has enabled an accelerated technological shift for some judicial courts and serves as an opportunity to redefine the needs and priorities of the judicial system. These various discussions will allow us to think about the place of technologies in future reforms and the role of justice as an essential service to prepare the way out of the COVID-19 crisis. 

To watch or rewatch our activities

Web-talk, 27 November, 2020 : Bilan du virage technologique de la justice (Québec)

Rebroadcast available here  !

Web-talk, may 21, 2020 : Justice and Fast Technological Shift - Canada and USA Situation

Rebroadcast available here

Podcast : Justice, an essential service to prepare the way out of the COVID-19 crisis

Rebroadcast available here

Podcast : Justice, un service essentiel pour préparer la sortie de crise

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Summer school : Aménagement des peines en temps de crise - Chloé Leclerc

Rebroadcast available here  !

Contents related to the theme 

1 - Accelerated technological shift in Québec et other provinces

Measures taken in Québec

Measures taken in British-Columbia

Measures taken in Ontario

2 - Accelerated technological shift international 

Measures taken worldwide

3 - Crisis recovery 

4 - To go further..

Broader theme

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