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Florian Martin-Bariteau et Teresa Scassa – professeur•e•s de droit à l’Université d’Ottawa – mettent en lumière la transformation structurelle de notre société par l’apport de l’intelligence artificielle et s’interrogent sur la manière dont les cadres juridiques existants peuvent s’appliquer ou doivent s’adapter à cette nouvelle technologie. Le livre sera disponible début 2021 en version imprimée, en version électronique et sur QuickLaw. Le contenu sera disponible en libre accès début 2022.

Bringing together some of the leading Canadian scholars in the field, Artificial Intelligence and the Law in Canada captures the diversity of law and policy challenges facing Canada when it comes to AI. It offers insight into how existing laws might apply, what gaps are present, and what issues law reform should address. Because AI creates significant new challenges for law and public policy, each chapter begins with a summary of key challenges and issues from the perspective of the author, and ends with an assessment of risks and opportunities, and key gaps in the law.

Table of Contents

About the Authors


Table of Contents


Madam Justice Rosalie Abella


  1. AI and Copyright
    Carys J.Craig
  2. AI and Patents and Trade Secrets
    Gregory Hagen
  3. AI and Contract Law
    Florian Martin-Bariteau & Marina Pavlović
  4. AI and Tort Law
    Kristen Thomasen
  5. AI and Data Protection Law
    Teresa Scassa
  6. AI and Competition Law
    Jennifer Quaid
  7. AI and Administrative Law
    Jennifer Raso
  8. AI and Health Law
    Colleen M. Flood & Catherine Régis
  9. AI and Human Rights Law
    Vivek Krishnamurthy
  10. AI and Technology-Facilitated Violence and Abuse
    Jane Bailey, Valerie Steeves, Jacquelyn Burkell, Chandell Gosse & Suzie Dunn
  11. AI and “Equality by Design”
    Bita Amani
  12. AI and Legal Ethics
    Amy Salyzyn
  13. AI and Judicial Decision-Making
    Ignacio N. Cofone
  14. AI and Legal Analytics
    Wolfgang Alschner
  15. AI and International Regulation
    Michael Geist
  16. AI and the Law in the EU and the US
    Céline Castets-Renard

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