IPIC | Why many more IP Disputes may end up Being Resolved on an Online ADR Platform

Dans cet article, l’auteur s’intéresse au succès du règlement des litiges en ligne en examinant notamment le fonctionnement des différentes plateformes disponibles au Québec – dont la plateforme PARLe.

In 2016, the QCPO changed their paradigm and took a leap into the digital world. They hired the Cyberjustice Laboratory of the University of Montreal to develop an online platform. They came up with PARLe, the Platform to Assist in the Resolution of Litigation. (The acronym is ingeniously bilingual; in French it is “plateform d’aide au règlement des litiges en ligne.”). Note that entry to this platform is not self-service. A consumer must first speak to an agent at the QCPO, who will verify that the consumer qualifies, and send her the information needed to create an account and get up and running. At this juncture the consumer jumps with both feet into the online arena of ADR. First stage: she digitally describes the problem she has with the merchant, proposes a solution and uploads all relevant documents.

Richard S. Levy

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