Kelsey R. Ruszkowski et Samuel J. Blanton | Using Remote Technology in Legal Practice: Attorney-Client and Attorney-Staff Relationships

This article by Kelsey R. Ruszkowski - ACT student - and Samuel J. Blanton - lawyer - examines the relational challenges behind the use of remote technology in the legal practice.


Even before the spread of COVID-19, the use of technology has quickly become an integral part of our everyday lives and has shaped the way we communicate with one another. Communicating remotely is a new societal norm, whether through social media, video conferencing, phone calls, or text messages. This form of communication has extended beyond the social realm and into the professional world. Even though remote technology is widely used, business executives generally prefer to meet in person rather than through some form of technology.[1] These executives prefer in-person communication because they believe that it helps them build stronger relationships and enables them to read the body language of the person with whom they are communicating.[2]

Kelsey R. Ruszkowski et Samuel J. Blanton

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