Web-conférence | Legal Text Analysis using AI Chapter 3

Conférenciers :

  • Wolfgang Alschner, University of Ottawa
  • Hannes Westermann, Cyberjustice Laboratory

L’activité se déroulera en anglais seulement.

Text and language are the core tools of the legal profession. Analyzing and understanding the information contained in textual documents, such as statutes, case law, contracts and doctrine, is one of the most important skill for any person in the legal field. Advances in artificial intelligence suggest computers may be able to support humans in this area, or even perform some tasks autonomously.

The Legal Text Analysis using Artificial Intelligence workshop series invites distinguished researchers and professionals in the fields of natural language processing and legal text analysis to discuss their work and practical lessons learnt in text analysis. The goal is for law students or professionals interested in technology, and engineering students or professionals interested in the law to leave the sessions with a better practical understanding of the possibility and use-cases of algorithms analyzing text, specifically in the legal domain.

Notice : Cette web-conférence constitue la continuation de la série Legal Text Analysis pour laquelle les chapitres 1 et 2 ont déjà eu lieux alors que les chapitres 3 et 4 se sont vus reportés en raison de la pandémie.

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