The AI and Law Series |New Rules for Robots ?

Conférencier :

  • Simon Chesterman, National University of Singapore Faculty of Law

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Recent years have seen a proliferation of guides, frameworks, and principles focused on AI. Yet, for all the time and effort that has gone into convening workshops and retreats to draft the various documents, curiously little has been applied to what they mean in practice or how they would be implemented. A different question might yield a more revealing answer, which is whether any of these principles are, in fact, necessary.

Rather than add to the proliferation of such principles, this talk shifts focus away from the question of what new rules are required for regulating AI. Instead, the three questions that it will attempt to answer are why regulation is necessary, when changes to regulatory structures (including rules) should be adopted, and how they might be implemented.

The hope is that this will reveal both the actual new rules that are required as well as a process for keeping them up to date.

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